Frequent Questions

What should I wear for cycling?

Just normal comfortable clothes which will move with you as you ride.   Shoes should be secure, wear several thin layers to regulate body temperature and a waterproof top and remember gloves in winter


Do I have to wear a cycling helmet?

You are not required by law to wear one in the UK but beware you do elsewhere.  If you wear one, it should be comfortable and fit well.  I require trainees under 18 to wear a helmet and recommend adult trainees to do so while they are learning


Should cyclists pay ‘Road Tax’ for using the roads?  

No-one would argue that pedestrians should pay this and cycle tyres cause no more damage to our roads than a pair of shoes.  Heavy Vehicle Excise Duty is the correct name for Road Tax and is levied on heavy motor vehicles to help pay the costs of maintaining our roads in good condition


Should cyclists be ‘licensed’ ?

The driving test was introduced to address the increasing slaughter of people on our roads caused by incompetent drivers.   In 2008, 2538 people were killed by motor vehicles in UK and another 229,000 people were seriously injured by them.  Only 1 person died in the last decade as a result of a collision with the bicycle so what would licensing cyclists achieve except probably stopping childen from experiencing independent travel and learning road sense?


Should cyclists be insured ?

Compulsory car driver insurance was introduced because of the human carnage caused by motor vehicles on our roads.   A cyclist causing a collison can be sued for any damage caused by him in the same way as any other person and many regular cyclists choose to insure not only their bikes but also the rare risk of being sued by another road user


Should cyclists be trained?

Ideally  people of all ages should receive road skills training at an early age and National Standard is being introduced to school aged children via the Government’s agency Cycling England.   This training is available for all ages and abilities but as yet not free of charge